Dear All,

 We have recently updated the web page:

 for Line Drive, our FNAL series of Linear Collider Double Headers.

 On February 15 we will have two talks as follows:

 2:45 pm Chicago Time

         US Linear Collider Site Studies
         Vic Kuchler, Fermilab

 4:00 pm Chicago Time

         Physics Unique to a Linear Collider
         Slawek Tkaczyk, Fermilab

  March 01 and March 15 are already scheduled, as is a June 7 talk to finish
  the series. Again, look at the Web page which provides access to archived
  versions of previous talks. The web site for viewing the talks live is also
  linked to the above page.  

  Responses to my query about the utility of the video streaming were very
  positive, thanks to those who took the time to reply. Suggestions, 
  comments, or complaints about any aspects of the arrangements of this 
  series should still be sent to me at [log in to unmask]

  Regards,  Mont


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