Dear All,

 On Thursday, March 01,  we will have two talks as follows:

 3:00 pm Chicago Time  FNAL WH 1 West

         3:00 Speaker: Tom Markiewicz, SLAC 
       Title: Interactions Region Issues at a Linear Collider 

        4:15 Speaker: Chris Adolphsen, SLAC 
       Title: Power to the Beam US Linear Collider Site Studies
   March 15 and April 05 are already scheduled, see: 

  We have also secured a talk from Ron Ruth on High Energy Machine prospects,
  on May 24 and one from Joel Butler who will talk about possible experimental
  programs on May 10. on options and from Joel Butler. We have not posted 
  these yet because we are still working on partner talks.  

  The Web page also provides access to live streaming video and archived
  versions of the streaming video of previous talks.   

  Regards,  Mont