Dear Colleagues,

The `2001 Report on the Next Linear Collider' is now posted on the Web at the following address

This is a 150-page update of the 1996 NLC ZDR (Zeroth Order Design Report). Hard copies and CD ROM versions will be available at Snowmass for the participants. 

The first two chapters introduce the 2001 NLC layout and parameters, the test facilities, and the present status of R&D. They are intended to summarize the machine for the non-accelerator physicist. The third chapter covers siting options. The remainder of the chapters discuss the injectors, main linacs, beam delivery systems and accelerator physics issues in more detail. They are intended as reference material for the technology working groups. The final chapter briefly describes the gamma-gamma option.

We hope that this book will be useful for the community discussions this summer.

                                   Nan Phinney
					     for the NLC Collaboration