Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce the next release of the linear collider
event generator pandora and pandora_pythia.  This program provides
simulations of the most important two-body Standard Model processes in
e+e-, e-e-, e gamma, and gamma gamma collisions (including e+e- ->
Z Higgs), some selected three-body processes (e+e- -> nu nubar Higgs
and e+e- -> nu nubar gamma), and some illustrative beyond the Standard
Model processes.  Pandora also contains a system for setting up your
own favorite processes for simulation.

For experimenters, pandora provides a straightforward way to produce a
simulated event sample incorporating all of the complications of the
linear collider environment.  Initial state radiation, beam polarization,
and final state spin correlations are included for all process.
Parametrized beam distribution functions are provided for e+e-, e-e-,
and gamma gamma colliders. The interface pandora_pythia can automatically
send pandora events to PYTHIA and TAUOLA for hadronization and polarized
tau decay, and output the events in StdHEP format.

To find more information, and to download the programs (pandora 2.2 and
pandora_pythia 3.1), please see the pandora Web page:

A lecture giving a gentle introduction to pandora can be found at

                          Best wishes,

                              Michael Peskin and Masako Iwasaki

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