This is the final Lumi that I get:

*** luminosity reported is good to better than 1.5% systematic
*** Please see BAD 229 for details
*** also see
Run by asarti on Wed Jan 30 12:06:35 2002
Lumi Data Last Updated Jan 30 07:41
First run = 18236 : Last Run 24419
Data from  13-Feb-01 to 30-Nov-01
== Your Run Selection Summary =============
 Number of Data Runs               3006
 Number of Contributing Runs       3006
 Y(4s)   Resonance            ON         OFF
 Number  Recorded           3006           0
 Number  Processed          3006           0
 Missing Lumi Info             0           0
== Your Luminosity (pb-1) Summary =========
 Y(4s)  Resonance             ON         OFF
 Lumi   Recorded           30230.470      0.000
 Lumi   Processed          30230.470      0.000


I'm looking for the last very few runs crashed (until now it seemes
to be only one).Tomorrow Yields and timestamp would be ready.
I need to redo the lookup tables of modes and purities?
In this case I have to fix the macro in order to fit with a C.B.


(EVVAI: E' finita!!!!!)

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