> Hoi Alessio,
> how do  you match  'by hand'?  I  tried to  find it in  recoilNtp, but
> failed. Is it in cvs?
> Looking  at your  plots (B-matched  'hand-made' and  with isAncestor):
> It's difficult  to say, but is  the only difference in  the very first
> bin? I  am not sure whether there  is a difference of  one between the
> two sets of plots. The mean and RMS are kind-of consistent.

The problem that I saw yestarday was due to a wrong call to the isAncestor
function: now all the differences btw isAncestor and my code are vanished.
The striking difference btw sp3  and sp4 (in the Energy spectra) is also
almost vanished.
The only big difference that is surviving the bug fixing is in the number
of NOT truth matched neutrals
two red lines in the table that you find in web page

> Is  it possible  to  make a  comparison  for events  with and  without
> K0S->pi0pi0 (in the generator block)? I am not sure, I guess we'd need
> to look at the relevant variables for the following
>   - all events
>   - events without K0S->pi0pi0
>   - events with  K0S->pi0pi0

I'm going to look at this...


> In principle, the SP4 bug should/could appear in other decays as well:
> pi->munu, etc. After  talking to Denis (the person  who discovered all
> this mess),  I am no  longer sure Sven's  module will work.   Will see
> tomorrow in the meeting.
> Cheers,
> --U.