Dear LC fans,

Many of you attended (or will attend) the meetings at FNAL,
Cornell, and SLAC, aimed at helping university groups engage in
Linear Collider R&D.  Those of us who participated in the Cornell
meeting have planned a follow-up session at which we will
work toward the preparation of a proposal to the NSF. A main
focus of this meeting will be to review R&D plans intended
for the proposal. The meeting will be held on Sunday,
June 30th, immediately after the "Linear Collider Retreat"
being held at UC Santa Cruz June 27-29. This "LCCOM2"
meeting will also be held on the Santa Cruz campus for
the convenience of all participants, and registration is
being done via the registration page for the Linear Collider

We urge you  to register before the May 15th deadline...
which is TOMORROW. The LCCOM2 URL is
and the Linear Collider Retreat page is
 From either site you can get to the registration page.

Participation in the Cornell follow-up LCCOM2 meeting is *not*
limited to those who attended LCCOM1 at Cornell on April 19th. We
welcome all who are eager to work towards the development, writing,
and submission of an NSF proposal and an accompanying white paper.

Our apologies if you received this message twice.

Jim Alexander and Ritchie Patterson

Cornell University
Laboratory of Elementary Particle Physics