Hi all,

 a list of decisions we should take in the meeting are the following:

 1) track and neutral selection. Do we want to switch to GTVL and GPL?

    Plots from Urs and me will be used to decide.

 2) run1 not reprocessed or reprocessed?

    advantages of not reprocessed data: available, already studied in

    advantages of reprocessed data: more coherent production, more
    coherent comparison with MC, same policy of ~all BaBar analyses

 3) MC sample:

    at the moment I used SP3 for run1 and SP4 run1+run2 for run2. SP4 run1
    and run2 distributions are very compatible and similar.

    do we want to use SP4run2 only for run2? (decrease of around 25% of MC

 4) Mx cut.

    We could set a list of rules we must follow after unblinding in order
    to choose the Mx cut. Second option is do the systematics now, decide
    the cut and then unblind.

 5) Ks selection: do we want to tighten the cut (now 3 sigmas)?

    We already studied this option (see

 6) K+ selection: do we want to apply a cut on momentum or a momentum