those are the first results about the killing procedure applied without
any 'intelligent' algorithm in order to preserve high purity modes.
All the candidates that are reconstructed in more than one seed or
superblock are 'killed'.

This not seems the right way to do it. In fact what i see running on
superblocks 1 for various seeds is:

In input I have
D0 sb1:    Found 4335 entries in tree events
Dc sb1:    Found 2064 entries in tree events
Dst0 sb1:  Found 1667 entries in tree events
Dst sb1:   Found 4501 entries in tree events

And this is the number of duplicates candidadates killed
D0 sb1   :262 Num. of duplicates
Dc sb1   :349 Num. of duplicates
Dst0 sb1 :775 Num. of duplicates
Dst sb1  :2186 Num. of duplicates

This means that we are throwing away 50% of D* and D*0 candidates.
Of course this would not happen if the requirement on the purity is
applied. Given this first result I don't know if it will have any sense to
quote a systematic doing the fit having killed all the duplicated

In order to check if I'm doing something wrong I've checked by hand (and
if you want you can do the same test: files are in
data are
ts_files.100X (D0)  X=0(sb4) X=2(sb3) X=4(sb2) X=6(sb1)
ts_files.20X  (Dc)
ts_files.30X  (D*)
ts_files.40X  (D*0)
) that the number of duplicated candidates in sb1 with respect to all
other events dumped for different superblock and seeds is ~ 50% of the
whole sb1 sample for D*. (sb1 has 37002 ev and I found 19392
duplicates...2000 are still in the same sb and mode: let's say that 2000
events are duplicated in the same superblock (1) and seed (D*)).

I'm trying to find a simple and smart way to keep the purity information
in orer to do a more appropriate test.
I'm still producing the 'free_of_any_duplicate' sample in order to look at
fit results but i think that the results would not be very helpful.

Questions and comments are welcomed.

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