...Urs, I am sorry but I could not resist.

These are very preliminary results for the yields on data. The amount of
data used is a bit less than 2fb-1 that correspond to the files in


The tables with the yields per single mode are Dstar Dstar0 Dc D0

The last three raws of each table are the sum of all modes with 1) no cut,
2) cut on the single mode purity (recalculated) >10%, 3) cut on the single
mode purity (recalculated) >20%.


 - Dstar: yields similar to the old production ones
 - Dc, Dstar0, D0: everywhere gain in yields, especially in Dc
 - putting all together the purity seems to be lower than before (due to
   skims?). Probably a reoptimization could be needed.
 - I tried to evaluate the gain in statistics looking at the events with a
   lepton in the geometrical acceptance. It seems that we have a
   30%-50% gain in yields => more than 500K events in 85 fb-1