It is most likely a failure of the BtaExclusiveDecayList logic ...
I will have a look at it tomorrow

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On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, Daniele del Re wrote:

> I don't find any bmode (modeChB) within the range 15000 - 16000 that
> should correspond to Dstar0->gammaD0. Actually this mode is not gone and
> seems to be reconstructed (Dstar0 daughters are both pi0s and gammas).
> I noticed that we had the same problem even in the old production.
> Looking at the number of events in each mode it seems that these events
> are in the bmode id of the correspondent Dstar0->pi0D0 mode (14000-15000).
> Does anybody know what is going on?
>  Daniele