I h2rooted a large fraction of those files. You can find them in


Unfortunately I am not sure that this avoids to rerun all these jobs


On Sun, 28 Jul 2002, Alessio Sarti wrote:

> Hi all,
> for an unknown reason (my fault? didn't understood what happens when
> resubmitting jobs with the run script? don't know!) all the generic MC SP$
> that I had produced at SLAC (B0s)  root files included is vanished.
> I don't know how and I don't know why.
> But I can't find it (even the logfiles) in the area were they are supposed
> to be.
> I'm going to resubmit those jobs.
> I'm really sorry for this delay.
> Tomorrow the production of gen BCH will end at lyon.
> The signal MC production has been finished.
> I'm going to resubmit jobs for generic SP4 B0.
> Alessio
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