the full set of data/MC validations for Q = 0 ('Q0') and |Q| <=1
('Q1') is available at

There are four columns with plots, the two on the left are for Q0 and
the two on the right for Q1. 


o Significantly more statistics in the Q1 case, with (usually) similar
  systematic  differences  between   data/MC. This  implies  that  the
  chi2/ndof will be worse for Q1
o Electrons look marginally better in Q1 than Q0, muons a bit worse. 
o Enhanced and depleted charged tracks are worse and better,
  respectively in Q1. Neutrals generally a bit worse. 
o No big  change in Mx.  Looking  at the ratio, it seems  that the low
  tail for Mxhadfit  is a bit better described in Q1  than in Q0.  The
  largest difference  is that the  B0 and B+  shapes in MC  agree much
  better in  Q1 compared to Q0  (where they are  different). (This was
  visible on a previous posting.)
o The track multiplicity is bad in Q1 compared to Q0 in the enhanced
  sample. No improvement for the neutral multiplicity. 
o MM2: The left tail is better described in Q0 the enhanced sample. 
o Qtot is comparable in both cases (no, it's not necessarily the
  same, because it's after all cuts).