Hi all,
here's the current production status:

MC --> Generic MC: is now perfectly Ok (apart from the fact that we need
to rerun ALL the jobs: see the pidkilling problem posted by daniele) I've
corrected all the rootfiles that were showing the old format.
MC --> Cocktail MC: Henning is currently producing the last part of 2002
cocktail MC that I forgot to produce

DATA --> Almost all jobs are finished (I've submitted the last 500 jobs
that are going to end before tomorrow)
2000 + 2002 -> To perform final check I need permissions from Urs: The
situation is pretty good.
2001 -> Checks have been performed: Crashed jobs are a small fraction
(~80/3000). Some of them are already recovered (CPU limit exceeded).
Some of them are showing a problem that has been solved in 12.x.x releases
(I've asked jacek if it possible to have them done in analysis-13 but I
think that it would be very difficult..)

I'm going to investigate tomorrow about some missing collections...


There are still few rootfiles that are duplicated in
Those are the files referring to big runs that ened without crashing.
I'm going to remove them ASA my jobs are finished and hbook h2rooted.

The duplicated runs (duplicated runs came with skimData: the bug has now
been fixed by Alessandra Forti) have been (in the most part) removed.
I still need to rerun jobs for few tcl files that were containing two or
more collections and only one was duplicated....

The message is: if you take all the files in
you'll end up with some duplicates that will be removed soon.

I think that's all for today.

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