> Please  go ahead  and remove/rename  everything  that is  not good  or
> consistent (my $0.02). Do we now have a good naming scheme for all tcl
> files, so that  they are not only contained  in different directories,
> but also the name indicates whether it's cocktail, generic, ...?

the directory quoted in the webpage (/nfs/farm/babar/AWG12/ISL/tcls_sum02)
contains all the various tcl files that we need. For the naming convention
you can see the Ibu webpage (it has been updated with all the new naming
I'm going to take care of the run script in order to enable (with the -c
option) a check on pidkilling consistency tomorrow.

> Once everything is clear, please indicate who shall run over what.

We can stick to Daniele's proposal:
You can run data/2000/* and Henning data/2001/* (I don't think that we'll
be able to do much more in just two days :) !)
I'm going to take care of cocktail and signal MC.
I'm going also to update the plan.txt files linked to the production

For all the others (me-urs-henning excluded):
Please WAIT for root files.
Tomorrow moring (when a bunch of hbook files will be ready) I'm going to
submit my job that converts hbook in the proper way and place.

If you can't wait tomorrow, please, DO NOT copy root files in the official
area (under AWG7 or AWG8): copy them in your scratch area.
This will make easy my bookkeeping work.

Thanks to all for your effort and help.

> Cheers,
> --U.