Here is the updated information on connecting to the telephone
link for Sally Dawson's LC/LHC Summary talk this afternoon.

   Call 510-665-5437
   meeting ID 9967

   The transparencies are at:

   the meeting web page is

   video is available on vrvs as described below

James E. Brau
Physics Department 
  and Center for High Energy Physics
1274 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1274
(541) 346-4766

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Date: Mon, 09 Dec 2002 12:16:07 -0800 (PST)
From: Jim Brau <[log in to unmask]>
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Subject: LC/LHC Summary to be "broadcast" Friday, 3pm CST


 In a previous message we announced the plan to begin a monthly
 "Continental Linear Collider Meeting", where we could hear
 pedagogical talks on physics and machines, and also be able
 to count on a regular channel for discussion and news.

 The regular time for this series will be a mid-month Thursday,
 at 3pm CST. The electronic link options will be

 1) Slides on the Web, VRVS video, and a telephone conference
    call for audio
 2) (if possible) shared desktop (PPT etc) and phone conference

 This series will start officially in the new year, but THIS week,
 there is a meeting of interest at Fermilab on Thurs/Fri, Dec 12/13,
 that we should join.

 The LC/LHC physics group is studying complementarity of the physics
 programs at the two facilities. For program and details, see

 A summary of the meeting will be presented by Sally Dawson
 at 3pm CST on FRIDAY. Although the organizers would be delighted
 for you to join ALL of the meeting, they have also kindly
 agreed to having us "show up" for Sally's summary.

 The VRVS room will be SUN on the 12th and SATURN on the 13th.
 The phone dial up is 510-665-5437. Audio will also go out on
 VRVS, you will be asked to mute your end to avoid echoes.

 If you need to get initialized with VRVS, do the following:

    Go to
    Click on and follow instructions.

    At the start time of the meeting go to
    Cllick on <Join>
    Click on <Worldwide>
    Click on <Saturn>
    Smile for the camera

 Besides the intrinsic interest of this meeting, this is a chance
 to flex VRVS muscles for our linkups starting next year.

 Send questions if you have them, "see" you there.

            The ALCPG meeting organizing committee:

                  Dan Amidei, Jim Brau, George Gollin,
                  Norman Graf, Mark Oreglia, and Ritchie Patterson