Dear Colleagues,
 The following notice of the ECFA/DESY gamma-gamma group meeting 
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Dear All,

On 13 February 2003 there will be a meeting  of the ECFA/DESY
gamma-gamma physics working group at CERN.

Schedule is as follows: 13.02.2003  (room 40-S2-A01)

 Session I : 10 - 12  gg physics WG together with Higgs WG (ind. talks)

 Session II: 14 - 18 gg physics WG (ind. talks and general discussions)

        Preliminary agenda:

   i]   Overview and Status
  ii]   Individual presentations..

 iii]   Discussion/preparations of the draft document summarizing our 
        achievements during last two years, as well as the discussion 
        of the summary to be given in the Amsterdam meeting in April. 

We invite all interested in our meeting to participate. In case somebody 
plans to present results please send us a note. 

N.B. (Only) if there are explicit requests, there will be a VRVS video

with best regards

Albert, Maria, Michael, Stefan, Steve