Dear Colleagues,
 The following notice of the ECFA/DESY Higgs group meeting
was posted by Klaus Desch.


To: Members of the ECFA/DESY Higgs working group (sorry if you get it twice)

Dear Colleagues,

   as announced at the Prague workshop, there will be a Higgs working group
meeting on

   Feb, 13th, 14:00h at CERN
   Main building, Room B (next to council chamber).

Also there will be a joint session with the gamma-gamma working group in
the morning of Feb, 13th in room 40-S2-A01.

On Feb, 14th, there is a meeting of the international LHC/LC working group.
You are highly encouraged to contribute/attend also there, since LC
participation could improve compared to the previous meeting ;-).

The main aim of the Higgs meeting is to prepare for the Amsterdam workshop,
starting on Apr, 1st. This preparation is important since the plenary Higgs presentation should summarize the work of the workshop since Krakow and give
a good outlook for further directions. Anything which should be presented
there should be in a state which is complete or at least close to completion.
A written LC-note is most appreciated.

At the meeting we want to discuss, which of the ongoing analyses will most
likely meet this goal. We would therefore like to have a very short status
report of each project >by e-mail< in advance. Formal presentations at the
CERN meeting are only foreseen, if there is significant progress since Prague
and need for discussion.

If you have given a talk at one of the workshops at Krakow, St.Malo, or Prague,
or if you plan to have new results by Amsterdam, please send a short e-mail
to [log in to unmask] indicating the status of your work, especially:

1. Topic
2. Status: -finished/
           -will be finsihed by Amsterdam
           -needs more work: not to be presented yet
3. LCnote: -written or published elsewhere (where?)
           -will be written by or shortly after Amsterdam
           -needs more time
           -no plan to write LCnote
4. Authors -one of the authors will be present at the CERN meeting

Topics which should be discussed in any case are:
- Tools: - status of b/c tagging in SIMDET/BRAHMS and what we could do with
           it by Amsterdam
         - status of BRAHMS/MOKKA. Can we have at least on showcase for a
           full simulation by AMS ?

- More exotic scenarios:
         - NMSSM
         - Radions

- CP violation
         - from tau decays
         - from "H"/"A" properties

- Precision of theoretical predictions:
  - can we give an up-to-date answer on the question whether the theoretical
    predictions for SM/MSSM Higgs meet the anticipated exp. precisions?
  - rare but golden? Are there processes which could improve discovery
    sensitivity for heavy Higgses (single H+, WW->heavy H, Susy-Yukawa,...)

For the joint session with gamma-gamma:

- Heavy gaga->H/A simulation!

- How would we spent our running time best for Higgs studies (gaga vs ee)?
  (Of course this need a reasonable answer for the first question, first)

Best regards,

   Marco Battaglia, Klaus Desch, Abdel Djouadi, Eilam Gross, Bernd Kniehl.