Hoi Ric,

thanks for the feedback. I have implemented all except

 > 2. section 3.1: the definition of deltaE and Mes are incorrect
 > (mes=sqrt(S/4-p*^2); deltaE=E*-sqrt(S)/2)

I guess  this is inconsistent in  our code.
uses  the cms frame,  but I  think that  we fill  the ntuple  with the
values from BtaBVariables.

If I am not mistaken we  take mes from BtaBVariables and that uses the
lab version for mes (again, if I don't err).

 > 5. end of section 3.3: did we switch the definition of eps_u and eps_mx?
 > are the numbers there correct?

Not sure I see where this is. I did introduce the variables to be
consistent with the table.

 > 6. section 4, third to last paragraph. I do not think it is useful to
 > mention again the meaning and value eps_u. I would only quote eps_mc at
 > this point, but I would not say that it depends only on theo input.

 > In a presentation I would also like to show the result in terms of p*,Q^2
 > and also neutral and charged multiplicity (I think we need to make these plots).

With p*  you mean the  fit-derived overlay? Or the  data/MC comparison
for low mx? I am not sure about the first option.