it  might be  useful to  discuss  the review  and our  response to  it
tomorrow, so that we can  post as soon as possible afterwards. Daniele
and me propose  tomorrow morning at 8:30 am PST.   At SLAC, we'll meet
in front  of the PINE  room and search  for a free room.   We'll flash
anyone sending a phonenumber.

I have ci to CVS my updates to BAD 582, please have a look at it. I
have collected in

the comments and a proposal for  replies to them. Just to have a basis
for discussion. There is also a  gzipped version of the HEAD of CVS of
BAD 582.

If tomorrow is not good for  you and you'd prefer to have this meeting
on Friday, please let us know. In addition, we should probably discuss
a few other issues as well (PRL, production, perspectives, ...)