Dear Colleague,

   We are planning a Time Projection Chamber Symposium to be held
at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on Friday October 17th.
The purpose of the symposium is to review the experience gained over
the past 25 years in designing, building and operating Time Projection
Chambers and other electronic imaging devices in different experimental
environments such as electron-positron and hadron colliders, fixed
target experiments, heavy ion colliders and low background experiments.
New TPC designs for proposed and planned experiments, and for upgrades
of existing detectors will be presented. New technical developments and
current R&D in ionization signal amplification, electronic readout and
mechanical construction, in signal processing and analysis, and in
studies of relevant gas and liquid properties will be discussed.
New ideas for electronic imaging and applications of TPC technologies
will be summarized.

   You can find the TPC Symposium web page at

Registration is not officially open yet as we're just setting up the
accounting. You can access your mailing information in the symposium
database using the "Pre-Registration" link provided on the web page.


Michael Ronan