Hallo Urs,

thanka s lot for helping.

> can  you please  provide  links  to your  logfiles  (all levels:  IBU,
> anaQA)?  It's very time consuming to try to understand what happens by
> trying to search your .history files and scratch space.

I started all over again on the instructions page and first try to get the
first step right. The corresponding logfiles are here:
and the ouput belonging to the logfiles:
and used the same tcl file as before.
.orig at the end of the names denotes the first try where I followed the
instructions without making any changes. .pidt denotes the second try
where I changed the pidtables link to point to the same as the
pidtables-2000 link.

> As an example:
>  > > We found some inconsistencies when comparing the file for which the
>  > > following tclfile was used:
>  > > /afs/
>  > >
>  > > with the following of your files:
>  > > /nfs/farm/babar/AWG23/ISL/sx-080702/newsig/rootfiles/new2vubmix-2000-new2000-12.root
>  > >
> Looking into /u/b2/kerstin/new13b/workdir I  see that your PID killing
> link  points to  the 2002  setup, which  is probably  not what  we had
> (because the file is  for 2000 MC). But I am not  sure whether this is
> because you changed  it afterwards, or whether it  was like this while
> running.  Or whether  this is  the right  place to  look?  The logfile
> contains the definitive answer.

new13b is what I set up yesterday evening and which I would like to use to
understand the differences. I did not change the PID killing link until
maybe two hours ago.
Having pidtables point to the same place as pidkilling-2000 and comparing
the resulting file with your file in the same variables as yesterday, I
find that I have one events less (848 instead of 849) and one entry in
modeChB less than your file (compared after IBU level). This is a lot
closer but not the same.
What is the PIDmaps(-200n).txt used for? Do I need to set any variable,
link, ... to make sure the right file is used?
Or is there anything else which I need to change with respect to the
instructions to reproduce what you got (before going on and making the
changes I need to dump also the events without Breco candidate)?