Hi all,

 Roberto was able to reproduce the results of the Vub analysis based on
IslBrecoilUser + anaQA by using VubRecoilUser package starting from skims.
 Main differences were about tracking and neutral selection and lepton ID.

 Below I put the instructions to run VubRecoilUser package and get the
same results we were used to have with anaQA.

 This version represents the starting point for developers.

 There are still some missing items:

 1) the partially reconstructed D*lnu missing mass squared has to be
    implemented. Alessia is working on that, she will implement also soft
    pi0 and soft gamma cases.

 2) some MC truth stuff is still missing (old Gvxbtyp variable). Alessia
    is also working on that.

 3) kinematic fitting. Some (probably) trivial bug does not allow to get
    back the fitted candidates. It has to be fixed.

 4) input list for lepton ID. In order to have GoodTracksLoose as input
    list for leptoni ID modules I had to implement an ugly solution.
    It has to be fixed. As a reminder you will see the message "LEPTON

 In the near future it would be nice to prepare a web page with the
instructions  to run the package and some basic information about the
format of the output tree and some plots for signal and background MC.



 instructions to use VubRecoilUser

  newrel -s ~/scra/ -t analysis-21 analysis-21
  cd analysis-21

  srtpath <enter> <enter>


  addpkg BRecoilTools V00-01-08
  addpkg BRecoilUser ddr-052504
  addpkg PackageList V00-08-21
  addpkg BetaMicro rs-080904
  addpkg BetaMiniSequences gdn-040511
  addpkg BetaMiniUser V00-01-51
  addpkg UsrTools V00-04-08-04
  addpkg VubRecoilUser ddr-081404-bis

  patch -p0 PackageList/

  gmake installdirs

  gmake workdir.setup

  gmake lib
  gmake VubRecoilUser.bin

  cd workdir

  VubRecoilUserApp ../VubRecoilUser/VubXulnu.tcl