Hi Gregory,

Yes, you can use "any" script to copy between HSM and the xrootd served
file system. Of course, the script needs to understand the HSM internals
and where to find the files. You can test this via a simple script
that just copies files to a different directory that the xrootd server
would not "see" by default.


On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Gregory J. Sharp wrote:

> I have a question about the HSM backend for xrootd. I haven't been able
> to figure it out from the code so far.
> Can I have more than one HSM system backing my xrootd universe.  We
> have two HSM file systems (and may eventually have three), each with
> disjoint sets of data. We need a way to map them into the xrootd
> environment. My guess is that the mps_ scripts don't care where you
> copy from, as long as they can map the canonical path name used in
> xrootd to an NFS file path on the HSM file system, which should be
> doable with a big table.
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