Hi Gregory,

The config file is merely a sample. The line is there because that's how
we determine whether the node is acting as a manager or a server (excuse
the "master" reference -- historical again). ANyway, substiture whatever
mechanism is appropriate for your site (there should have been a comment
to that effect, unless you are woking with a partiuclarly old
distribution. In fact, I would suggest you grab the latest that we
released today.

You are correct in that this forced the redirector and olbd to run on the
same host. That's how we prefer to do it. However, you are also correct in
that it need not be that way. They can run co-located or not. Indeed, if
you have more than one, some pairings will not be co-located.

Any suggestion is clarifying the examples will always be appreciated.


On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Gregory J. Sharp wrote:

> In the etc/ and etc/ example files we find the
> following line.
> RESP=`/usr/local/bin/taylor -q opts | grep '^olbd=.*master'`
> 1. We don't have a program called "taylor" and I wondered what it does.
> 2. In the case of the, should it really be grepping for
> oldb=.*master, or should it be looking at xrootd=.*master??
> As written it would seem to force the olbd master and the xrootd
> redirector to run on the same host, which may well be efficient and
> desirable, and therefore a "good thing", but perhaps not conducive to a
> clear understanding of how things work (as evidenced by my suspicion
> about why it is done this way).
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