On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 01:40:08PM +0200, Peter Elmer wrote:
>    o ganglia/monitoring of kanNNN servers at SLAC - Yemi

  For the record, the ganglia monitoring page is public and visible at:

There is an "xrootd" cluster at the bottom which contains a number of
metrics on the SLAC xrootd data access system. 

  (I'll link this from the SLAC "example" page, too.)


>       o metrics for staging?
>       o monitoring of scratch area, etc.
>       o adding back xrootd metrics (was waiting for restart)
>       o monitoring of xrootd versions and alarms when they fail the "Sesame
>         Street test" (Should be possible after yesterday's restart) 
>       o Updates to presentation
>       o renaming of servers during/after shutdown (arrghh!)
>       o alarms?
>       o monitoring of #file descriptors/TCP connections, etc.
>   I have almost certainly forgotten some things, so please feel free to bring 
> anything important up during the meeting.
>                                    Pete

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