Hi Tofigh,

On Tue, Nov 09, 2004 at 10:03:34AM -0800, Tofigh Azemoon wrote:
> I am still working on this. In processing in2p3
> log files and some earlier slac log files I notice that
> there are no redirect entries which has user information. You
> see a user logging in and then one or more lines of type
> odc_Locate: resp='!try' path=/store/...
> I am not sure if one can assume that these lines necessarily
> belong to the user just logged in. An example log file is
> /nfs/objyserv01/objy/databases/xrootd/rdrlogs/slac/bbr-rdr03/200407/xrdlog.20040726.gz
> Any ideas how to deal with this?

  The quick and dirty way would just be to transform the logfiles with 'sed'
or whatever into the new format, putting in "bogususer" or something 
similar for the username. Even if we don't currently have the user information,
we'll get it in the future. Already seeing more global things, like the
total number and size of files accessed, which streams, etc. for In2p3
will be interesting. (i.e. I wouldn't waste time trying to reconstruct
the real user from multiple lines. The problem will fix itself at some

  Jean-Yves, have you now moved to a more recent xrootd version so that
you have the new, full information?

  Do you have SLAC and RAL webpages available even if the In2p3 one is
more complicated?


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