Hi All,

  The next meeting on xrootd development, testing, deployment and monitoring
will be Tuesday, 16 November, 2004 at 10:15 CA, 12:15 FNAL, 19:15 Europe and 
18:15 UK. The location at SLAC is SCS conference room B.

  The connection info for this meeting is:

   phone:     +1-510-665-5437
   passcode:  4465


   o problem list
     o outstanding mps problems?
     o other problmes I forgot to put on the list?
   o New development/features
      o status of posix-compatible client
      o status of xrootd-based buffer (being tested for skimming in BaBar)
      o asynchronous I/O
          o TThread/TSocket problems when using TXNetFile
      o proxy support
      o server side monitoring - Jacek
      o client side monitoring support
      o unsolicited requests
      o administrative interface - Jacek/Artem
      o bytes/read printout as file is closed?
      o updates needed by Castor people
      o SRM
   o Status of summary web pages for BaBar file data access - Tofigh
   o Sites
     o Example configurations
     o automated restarts of xrootd/olbd (and saving core files!)
     o getting rid of feature in BaBar KanAccess.cfg that allows "localroot"
       to be specified there
     o SLAC
        o olb03/olb04/kanolb-a renaming (arrghh!)
     o Cornell
        o current experiences from xrootd testing?
     o Padova - Fulvio/Guglielmo
        o problems reported by Antonio:

        o What are plans in Padova?
     o CNAF - Enrica
        o outstanding problems
        o xrootd on SAN servers?
     o RAL - Chris/Manny
        o status of debugging occasional olbd crash?
        o new disk space?
        o import of skims
        o rpm structure (libstdc++, config files)
        o cleaning up classic Kanga data
        o moving to latest version and cleanup of config files?
     o In2p3 - Jean-Yves
        o status
     o FZK - Rolf
        o status of first tests
   o ganglia/monitoring of kanNNN servers at SLAC - Yemi
      o adding back xrootd metrics
      o metrics for staging?
      o monitoring of scratch area, etc.
      o monitoring of xrootd versions and alarms when they fail the "Sesame
        Street test" (Should be possible after yesterday's restart)
      o monitoring of total BaBar data (/store/PR, /store/SP, /store/SPskims,
        /store/PRskims, /store/users, /store/awg), #files and data volume
      o Updates to presentation
      o renaming of servers during/after shutdown (arrghh!)
      o alarms?
      o monitoring of #file descriptors/TCP connections, etc.
   o xrootd procedures
      o restart of servers (deployment of new versions)
      o problems with particular data servers
      o adding a new server

  I have almost certainly forgotten some things, so please feel free to bring
anything important up during the meeting.


Peter Elmer     E-mail: [log in to unmask]      Phone: +41 (22) 767-4644
Address: CERN Division PPE, Bat. 32 2C-14, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland