I have the daily results for slac. There is a summary table in
For each day that I have log files the table gives the number of
unique files accessed with the total size plus the same info
for top three users. Average number of access for same file is
about 5 but I should add this info to the table. For each day
that there is an entry in this table there are three more tables

You just change the date to get the rest. nodestat gives the info
for each kan server and the division between bbr-rdr03 and 04. userstat
is the info for each user. The table is arranged in descending
total file size. And skimstat is the info per skim, again in descending
file size order.

I'll put the ral data in today. These are first attempts so very
soon the amount of information and the look of the tables will change
and there will be additional tables. I would appreciate any