Hi All, 

  There is now a new (development) xrootd version 20041116-1216. It contains
a variety of fixes for the client admin interface plus a variety of other
small fixes.

  --> Note that the perl functions prefix in the client admin wrapper was
      simplified from "XrdCA_" to "Xrd"

I've also added the client admin perl wrapper module to the rpms and binary
modules, but had to specify explicity the location of perl5.8 at SLAC to
do that. There is no strong reason to try to use this build for "production" 
work, but testing is very welcome. (And BaBar skimming should test this
for the output buffer.)

  I had a problem with my build script hence there is no MacOSX build this
time. I'll deal with it again next version.

  For the full set of changes and links to rpms/tarballs to download see the 
the xrootd web page and/or version history:

Let us know if there are problems.


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Address: CERN Division PPE, Bat. 32 2C-14, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland