There is now a single web page for the xrootd statistics,

These are in my public area but will be moved to a more appropriate
place soon. Also the look of the tables and the pages will be improved.
I'll be adding the monthly statistics very shortly. The weekly
statistics are for full weeks. I can also make tables available
for last-seven-days for each day. The same will be true for the monthly
tables. Your feedback will be very valueable at this stage, like what
other entries you'd like to see in the tables, what other tables etc.
If some tables are crowded I can split them.

Please note that the log files produced with older versions of
xrootd do not have proper user information. For these you'll see
a single user called babaruser. In the summary tables users 1 to 3
are the top three users according to the total size of the files