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On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 08:12:58AM -0800, Tofigh Azemoon wrote:
> >    o Status of summary web pages for BaBar file data access - Tofigh
> I've just added the skim statistics suggested by Mauro. The url as
> before is

  That is starting to look nice. (Now I just have to find time to stare
at it and understand some things like Mauro has been...) One other thing
that Mauro asked about was to subdivide the "SP"/"SP" ones up by event 
type (bbbar, ccbar, uds, tau, "other"). This is possible as there is a 
"mode-number" in the LFN, too:


There is a command to figure out what the mode numbers mean:

noric01> BbkSPModes --modenum 1237
: Mode : Decfile             : Generator   : Filter : Run Type        : Category       :
: 1237 : B0B0bar_generic.dec : Upsilon(4S) :        : B0B0bar generic : generic decays :

In practice we care only about the 4-5 most important ones and the others
can be classified as "other" (mostly various signal MC samples).


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