Hi Andy,

I have many erratic problems with the bbrprod0X servers inhibiting the  
use of xrootd for the skim production. I cannot reliable reproduce the  
errors, but about 30% of the transfers fail. The tracebacks are similar  
to the one posted by Alvise and myself to xrootd-l.

- Are you (or somebody else) actively looking into these issues? We  
need to get this solved by early next week.
- Which version(s) of xrootd are running on bbrprod0X? Can you please  
start the latest version on all of them?
- I can get a checksum only from bbrprod05. Do you know what the  
problem is?

There is a test perl script at
which exercises the functionality which we need.

BTW: we gave up to get it to work using olb on the time scale of next  
week. We will be happy if the functionality required by  
works for all 5 bbrprod0X machines.


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