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>> From: Andrew Hanushevsky <[log in to unmask]>
>> Date: November 25, 2004 11:20:27 AM PST
>> To: Remi Mommsen <[log in to unmask]>
>> Subject: Re: Status of xrootd from the skim production perspective
>> Hi Remi,
>>> I don't say it crashes, but it caches the results (sorry for the 
>>> typo,
>>> but it should have been clear from the context).
>> Sorry, I misread that.
>>> If you ask the load balancer for a file at a time this file does not
>>> exists, it claims the file does not exists for several hours (8 ?) 
>>> even
>>> when the file was created in the meantime. The opposite is true as
>>> well: if you delete a file, the load balancer still reports that the
>>> file exists and reports even a checksum for files which were deleted
>>> hours before.
>> Yes, I see what is happening now. Not to worry, I can correct that 
>> very
>> easily and will do so by tommorrow.

Is there a new version of xrootd needed or is it just a configuration 
issue? Could you please let Wilko and myself know what we need to do to 
get this solved?

Thanks a lot.


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