Hi Heiko

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Heiko Lacker wrote:

> > > > 6) We should build our hybrid model in a way that preserves the
> > > >    inclusive values for the <Mx^2> and <Mx^4-<Mx^2>^2> moments
> > > That would be a nice feature. Is the procedure already clear how to build
> > > the hybrid in this case?
> >
> > No - ideas here would be welcome.
> Could you tell me what the exact starting point in the discussion
> was which lead to this suggestion?

We presented the method we use for building the hybrid (see Masahiro's
talk on Friday afternoon) and the theorists suggested that we should use
the moments as a constraint.  Nobody said too clearly what algorithm they
would choose.

> BTW: isn't it interesting on its own that all endpoint analyses
>      show smaller results for Vub compared to q2-El or mX-q^2...?
>      Maybe we do already see an effect without having separated
>      explicitely charged and neutral B's...

Maybe.  One of our tasks in the new year will be to compare and average
our own Vub measurements, using both Neubert-DeFazio (can be done now) and
the new Neubert calculations.


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