Hi Gerri,

On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 10:22:29AM +0100, Gerardo Ganis wrote:
>   This is just to tell you that I should have finally get rid of 
>   most of the problems affecting TXNetFile in asynchronous mode;
>   the version now in the CVS head should be OK for the tests you
>   wanted to do. To activate the asynchronous mode you should set
> XNet.GoAsynchronous:     1
>   in the .rootrc file.
>   I should also have solved the problems related to the destruction
>   of the GarbageCollectorThread (once you mentioned something to me
>   about this). This thread is now disabled by default. To start it
> XNet.StartGarbageCollectorThread  1
>   Please let me know if you give a try.

  Excellent news! 

  Matthias, could you install a CVS HEAD version of ROOT for use in the
BaBar nightly? (That is no longer coupled to the 16.x.x series, is that 


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