Silicon Detector Design Study Meeting
March 17, 2005 (one day before LCWS05)
Redwood Room, ROB, at SLAC

SiD Design Study. You're invited!
The Silicon Detector Design Study is one of several studies worldwide seeking to design a detector optimized for the physics at a 500-1000 GeV Linear Collider. The SiD design relies on silicon detectors for tracking and electromagnetic calorimetry. (See ) Everyone interested in participating in this study is invited to attend the meeting on March 17, 2005, which is the day before the beginning of LCWS05.

Tentative Agenda
We plan to review recent progress in answering critical design questions and to discuss recent technical progress and developments. In addition, we will discuss how to move the SiD Design from its starting point, to a first step with optimized detector parameters. We'll discuss organization, plans, and goals for the upcoming Snowmass meeting; and we'll begin discussing plans for producing a preliminary conceptual design report. A detailed program is under construction.

See  to register for the meeting.  Remember to
adjust your travel plans to arrive at Stanford prior to March 17. Caveat Emptor: Be aware that some of the conference hotels are charging higher than "conference" rates for the days before the conference. Others are being quite reasonable.

Hope to see you at SLAC.

John Jaros           [log in to unmask]
Harry Weerts       [log in to unmask]
SiD Design Study Coordinators