Hello Peter,

>> As I had suspected the xrootd/olbd logfiles permissions got screwed up
>> after the daily move to a new file. Namely, I just granted read access to
>> these files (as requested Peter) but after midnight the new file got the
>> default file access again.
>> -rwxr-xr-x    1 xrootd   wheel      362234 Feb 18 22:14
>> /tmp/babar2.olblog.20050218
>> -rwxr-xr-x    1 xrootd   wheel      130996 Feb 18 23:00
>> /tmp/babar2.xrdlog.20050218
>> -rw-------    1 xrootd   wheel        1208 Feb 19 00:04 /tmp/babar2.olblog
>> -rw-------    1 xrootd   wheel         388 Feb 19 01:00 /tmp/babar2.xrdlog
>  This is presumably just your shell settings. Try looking with umask to
> see what the settings are. You probably want "022". (I guess it is, uh, 077...)

umask is already set to 0022 so it should come from somewhere else. Also 
if I create a new file in /tmp it would have the attributes "-rw-r--r--"

>  I'm not sure why the old files has the x bit set, though. Did you do that
> with 'chmod' or did rotation do it? (I'd be suprised if it was the rotation.)

The 'x' is my typo with chmod; sorry.