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On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 07:47:10AM -0800, Booker Bense via RT wrote:
> On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Peter Elmer via RT wrote:
> _ There is a standard registry for this kind of thing. Rootd is
> already registered. Vendors are supposed to include this in their
> OS ( or at least the ones below 1024 ).
> _ In general vendors leave it up to sites to configure their
> application service ports. It might be a lot simpler just to
> hide the error message from the user.

  Yes, Fons registered 1094 for rootd, so that is fine. What we really
need instead is to make sure that it gets into the actual /etc/services
file distributed by Redhat (i.e. that they distribute an /etc/services
file coherent with the IANA list). For this, my question was whether SCS
could ask the Redhat people to add it. Presumably they either manage
themselves the /etc/services file they distribute or have contact with the 
person who does. Since access to (x)rootd is now standard for BaBar (and
relatively widespread in HEP) and the redhat /etc/services does seem to
try to be relatively complete instead of just listing true core unix 
services, it seems worthwhile to pursue this with Redhat. 

  [Here we go on the RT duplicate-all-mails game...]


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