Hi Jerome,

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 11:24:18AM -0500, Jerome LAURET wrote:
> 	I beleive we asked how to do that at some point (hide
> the path arranegement) except that we could not figure out on how
> to mix /home and /data into a single substitution. Your case of
> oss.localroot /kanga and oss.remoteroot /kanga or /xrootd at SLAC
> ar a bit too convenient. Can we trick olb with soft-link or there
> is a simple syntax which can take care of all /data + /home (the
> path afterward is all and the same) ??

  I guess there is nothing special to differentiate the 4 partitions
{/data0, /data1, /data2, /home}? i.e. all files can in principle go on
any of the 4 partitions?

  AFAIK, there is no simple directive or soft link trick for that. The best 
bet is the cache filesystem, see the mps/cache-filesystem doc:

What currently manages the data on those partitions? Has it just been 
statically placed there or is it being actively managed/staged by 
something? (SRM?)


> Peter Elmer wrote:
> >  Hi Pavel,
> >
> >On Sun, Feb 27, 2005 at 01:05:46PM +0100, Pavel Jakl wrote:
> >
> >>we are using in our conf files export multiple directories and all data 
> >>from these directives are accessible:
> >>
> >>xrootd.export /data0
> >>xrootd.export /data1
> >>xrootd.export /data2
> >>xrootd.export /home
> >
> >
> >  Hmm, you are probably right: perhaps this was something that Andy fixed 
> >  at some point? I see Matt is using the xrootd version from ROOT 4.02-00 
> >itself (i.e.  20041124-0752). What version are you running at BNL?
> >
> >  Matt, could you try the latest "development" version 20050226-0852? This
> >is a development version, but the one we are currently testing to become
> >the next "production" version.
> >
> >  (Unfortunately it looks like we got one of the intermediate development
> >versions of the xrootd server itself into the production version of ROOT!
> >It is no big deal to download and build the proper version of the server
> >separately, but we'll need to be careful in the future to make sure only
> >production versions of xrootd wind up in production versions of ROOT...)
> >
> >
> >>I also enlose the log file from redirector where you can see, that files 
> >>(from /data1 and data2) are located and redirected to right node without 
> >>using cache file system.
> >>
> >>050227 12:14:22 28868 odc_Locate: user=starlib.782:12@rcas6002 
> >>redirected to by xrdstar 
> >>path=/data2/starlib/reco/productionCentral/FullField/P02ge/2001/318/st_physics_2318037_raw_0012.MuDst.root
> >>050227 12:14:22 28868 odc_Receive: Server: Received from 
> >> 481 !try
> >>050227 12:14:22 28868 odc_Locate: user=starlib.782:12@rcas6002 
> >>redirected to by xrdstar 
> >>path=/data2/starlib/reco/productionCentral/FullField/P02ge/2001/318/st_physics_2318037_raw_0008.MuDst.root
> >
> >
> >  I guess the "/data2", etc. is left from your previous method of finding
> >the files? In general we try to hide that from the user (since it is an 
> >internal detail of the server-side) with some combination of the cache 
> >filesystem and the use of the "localroot" directive. 
> >
> >                                   Pete
> >

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