Peter Elmer wrote:
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  Hi Pavel,

On Sun, Feb 27, 2005 at 01:05:46PM +0100, Pavel Jakl wrote:
we are using in our conf files export multiple directories and all data 
from these directives are accessible:

xrootd.export /data0
xrootd.export /data1
xrootd.export /data2
xrootd.export /home

  Hmm, you are probably right: perhaps this was something that Andy fixed at 
some point? I see Matt is using the xrootd version from ROOT 4.02-00 itself 
(i.e.  20041124-0752). What version are you running at BNL?
We are running the xrootd from ROOT 4.03.02 and I looked into log files for your version and it is the same as Matt 20041124-0752.

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  Matt, could you try the latest "development" version 20050226-0852? This
is a development version, but the one we are currently testing to become
the next "production" version.

  (Unfortunately it looks like we got one of the intermediate development
versions of the xrootd server itself into the production version of ROOT!
It is no big deal to download and build the proper version of the server
separately, but we'll need to be careful in the future to make sure only
production versions of xrootd wind up in production versions of ROOT...)

I also enlose the log file from redirector where you can see, that files 
(from /data1 and data2) are located and redirected to right node without 
using cache file system.

050227 12:14:22 28868 odc_Locate: user=starlib.782:12@rcas6002 
redirected to by xrdstar 
050227 12:14:22 28868 odc_Receive: Server: Received from 481 !try
050227 12:14:22 28868 odc_Locate: user=starlib.782:12@rcas6002 
redirected to by xrdstar 

  I guess the "/data2", etc. is left from your previous method of finding
the files? In general we try to hide that from the user (since it is an 
internal detail of the server-side) with some combination of the cache 
filesystem and the use of the "localroot" directive.
I am always running the same ROOT macro with request the open and close these files and firstly I got these files too.
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