Silicon Detector Design Study Newsletter

Silicon Detector Design Study Newsletter #2                                                                                       March 2005 


SiD Asian and European Contacts

    We are pleased to announce that Hiro Aihara and Yannis Karyotakis have agreed to

serve as regional contacts for the SiD Design Study in Asia and Europe respectively.

We welcome their close collaboration in defining the study’s goals, planning our next

steps, recruiting more study participants, facilitating detector R&D, and serving as SiD

representatives in Asia and Europe.


SiD R&D Coordinator

    We are also pleased that Andy White will serve as SiD R&D Coordinator. Andy will

work with the Detector Sub-Groups to understand the R&D required to realize the SiD

concept, and help to document these needs for the Design Study and the broader community.


SiD Detector Sub-Group Leaders

     The Design Study is being organized around a set of detector sub-groups, which

will take on responsibility for addressing critical design questions, doing the necessary

simulations, reviewing possible technology choices for each subsystem, adding realism

to the conceptual designs, and working with each other to address overall detector


     We have a good start on finding leadership for the sub-groups, and are happy to

welcome the following sub-group leaders to the SiD Design Study efforts:


Benchmarking                     Tim Barklow                             

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Calorimetry                          Ray Frey and Jose Repond

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Costing                                Marty Breidenbach                   

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Simulation                            Norman Graf  

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Tracking                               Marcel Demarteau and Rich Partridge
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Vertexing                              Su Dong

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     This process is ongoing. We hope to provide two leaders for most of the groups, create

some international balance, and add working groups on the magnet, muon system, and far

forward calorimetry at least. Suggestions are welcome.


     You are encouraged to register your interests and possible contributions with the working

group leaders directly.


SiD Design Study Meeting will be held March 17, 2005, just before LCWS05.

     If you are interested in learning about and participating in the SiD Design Study, plan to

attend our meeting on March 17, 2005. The meeting will be held at SLAC, in the Redwood

Room of the Research Office Building (ROB). If you haven’t done so already, please sign up at:  


           SiD Design Study Meeting in Redwood Room, ROB, SLAC

                            March 17, 2005


 1:00    Introduction:  The SiD Starting Point                   Harry Weerts


                Technical Progress Reports


 1:30    SiD Simulation                                                  Norman Graf

 1:45    Progress on Calorimetry                                     Ray Frey

 2:00    Progress on Tracking                                         Marcel Demarteau

 2:15    SiD Vertexing                                                    Su Dong

 2:30    The SiD Magnet                                                 Harry Weerts

 2:45    Benchmarking SiD                                             Tim Barklow


 3:00-3:15 Break


              Organization and Planning


 3:15    Design Study Organization, Goals, Plans            John Jaros

 3:30    Discussion                                                        All

 3:45    Report from the Asian Contact                            Hiro Aihara

 3:55    Report form the European Contact                       Yannis Karyotakis

 4:05    Report from R&D Coordinator                              Andy White


 4:15-4:30 Break


 4:30     Parallel Working Group Meetings led by Working Group Leaders

                        (Plans, Schedule, Prep for Snowmass, Signup)










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     Harry Weerts ([log in to unmask]) and John Jaros ([log in to unmask])    

     SiD Design Study Coordinators