Hi All, 

  There is now a new development version of xrootd (20050313-0928). Changes

   o bug fixes for the problems that came up with the olbd while trying to 
     deploy the previous version (20050226-0852) at SLAC
   o updates for the "refined" security framework
   o many, many small compilation fixes for various platforms and compilers
   o support for enabling/disabling the monitoring during builds
   o some fixes for the xrdcp crashes reported by Wilko (still at least one
     outstanding, though)
   o misc small fixes 

  I believe that Wilko is going to deploy this version at SLAC. It should
definitely be used instead of 20050226-0852.

  For the full set of changes and links to rpms/tarballs to download see the 
the xrootd web page and/or version history:

Let us know if there are problems.


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