Hi All, 

  There is now a new version of xrootd (20050328-0656). With respect to the 
previous version (20050321-0425) there are only a few changes:

   o small updates to scripts in the XrdMon package
   o workaround in the mps_prep script (I think this was meant for Chris)
   o an update to the ./configure script for Cygwin support

The main binaries and libraries are thus essentially the same as in
20050321-0425. I will thus mark this version (20050328-0656) as "production".

  Gerri, this one should be candidate to include in ROOT. Wilko, we should
probably move to this at SLAC for consistency. (As should other sites, 
including CNAF...)

  For the full set of changes and links to rpms/tarballs to download see the 
the xrootd web page and/or version history:

Let us know if there are problems.


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