Hi All,

  The next meeting on xrootd development, testing, deployment and monitoring
will be Tuesday, 29 March, 2005 at 10:15 CA, 19:15 Europe and 18:15 UK. The 
location at SLAC is SCS conference room B. The rest of us just get to
congregate virtually, but that will be fun, too.

  The connection info for this meeting is:

   phone:     +1-510-665-5437
   passcode:  4465


   o problem list
   o New development/features
      o deployment of new production version 20050328-0656
      o outstanding problems?
         o xrdcp and kXR_force
         o compilation on all (ROOT) platforms
      o better testing before deployment: how do we do this?
      o server side monitoring - Jacek
      o posix and TXNetFile client merge
      o rfio mps scripts
      o testing asynchronous I/O with CVS HEAD of TXNetFile...
      o testing TXNetFile on Windows 
      o "admin" interface (shutdown, redirecting clients, ...)
      o proxy support
      o unsolicited responses
      o updates needed by Castor people
      o SRM
   o Sites
     o Example configurations
     o SLAC
        o olb03/olb04/kanolb-a renaming (arrghh!)
     o Cornell
        o problems over the past week
     o Padova - Fulvio
     o CNAF - Enrica
     o RAL - Chris/Manny
        o config rpm/files?
     o In2p3 - Jean-Yves
     o FZK - Gregory
     o BNL
     o anybody else...
   o xrootd procedures
      o restart of servers (deployment of new versions)
      o problems with particular data servers
      o adding a new server

  I have almost certainly forgotten some things, so please feel free to bring
anything important up during the meeting.


Peter Elmer     E-mail: [log in to unmask]      Phone: +41 (22) 767-4644
Address: CERN Division PPE, Bat. 32 2C-14, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland