Hello Andy,

I kind of get it except I didn't understand exactly what you meant for 
"root names".

It sounds to me it cannot be done without considering the users know on 
which babar13 to babar15 disk the data is and then by symlinking and 
having in my localroot directories links such as:

prod13 -> babar13/path/prod
prod14 -> babar14/path/prod
prod15 -> babar15/path/prod

and then the user need to specify a collection name such as


Or another way is to have in one common place a link to almost each of the 
files on these 3 disks. But this is not an acceptable solution either.


What I'd need is to have collection names "/prod/SP/R12/..." and having 
xrootd searching transparently each of the directories without having to 
maintain a collection of links to each file.

>> disk1/some_path/prod
>> disk2/some_path/prod
>> disk3/some_path/prod


On Wed, 30 Mar 2005, abh wrote:

> Hi Gregory,
> Yes, now I remember. It's not an export issue but a local root issue. The 
> oss, as well as the rest of the system, can only apply a single local root 
> (by definition there can only be a single root). The way to get around this 
> problem is to:
> a) Determine what local root you wish to use (e.g., /x/y).
> b) Create a directory in "/" of /x/y
> c) Symlink all the directories from this directory using "root" names of your 
> choosing.
> Users would then specify the path less "/x/y" and would be directed to the 
> appropriate filesystem via the symlink. Does this make sense? Will it work in 
> your setup?
> Andy
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>> Hello Andy,
>>>> 3) Exporting multiple directories on GPFS
>>>> =========================================
>>>> I have two servers (maybe only one in the future) and 3 directories to
>>>> export. I would be very happy if someone had an example on how to use mps
>>>> to export these.
>>> This should work in the release 20050328-0656. Simply either list the 
>>> directories on the xrootd command line or list them via multiple export 
>>> directives in the config file. You've already done that for "/prod" and 
>>> "/store". So, what am I missing here?
>> I cannot use this "20050328-0656" version so far because of the DNS problem 
>> but the problem is that: I want to export
>> disk1/some_path/prod
>> disk1/some_path/store
>> disk2/some_path/prod
>> disk2/some_path/store
>> disk3/some_path/prod
>> disk3/some_path/store
>> So far I can only export one disk using:
>> oss.localroot /home/xrootd/disk/kanga/EventStore/
>> xrootd.export /prod
>> xrootd.export /store
>> -- Gregory