Hi Andy,

   very nice indeed! I love 64bits and large memory machines, but why does 
it not work when mapping file <2GB on 32bits? Or does it but is the 
performance increase less dramatically?

-- Fons

Andrew Hanushevsky wrote:
> Hi Fons,
> We've just completed our performance tests with memory mapped I/O. The
> results were excellent. Server overhead decreased by 50% and client
> latency was decreased by at least 20%. 100% network utilization can
> now be easily reached. This is very good news for systems like proof.
> While memory mapped I/O produces excellent results it can only be used
> in specific circumstances where you have a lot of memory and a 64-bit
> address space. So, it is not on be default. Configuration is trivial
> and you have a lot of options, including being able to specify precisely
> which files should be memory mapped independently of the configuration
> file.
> Andy

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