Hi all,

I have some problem with running client from LSF batch system or from cron. We are using cron for increasing number of clients to test a load of redirector.
I made csh cron wrapper which only set enviroments and run ROOT macro :
#not execute root macro if this file exists (this is here because of cron time loop)
set  $MACROFILE="XROOTD_macro.C"
if (! -e $HOME/client$HOST.stop ) then
   setup ROOT 4.03.02
  root -b  -q $MAINDIR/$MACROFILE  >>&$ROOTOUT/root$HOST.output
#after executing ROOT macro, create the file
 /bin/date  >$HOME/client$HOST.stop

When my cron job or LSF batch job starts then in log of redirector is this and my macro is interrupted:

050307 12:08:06 10260 XrdLink: ?:12@rcas6001 disconnected after 0:00:00 (connection timed out)

But if I start my macro by hand in terminal, it is working and I get the files.
!!!! Everywhere are the same enviroment variables !!!!

I am also enclosing my macro file that everything is in order.

Has someone an idea what is wrong ?