Hi Gregory,

Yes, now I remember. It's not an export issue but a local root issue. The 
oss, as well as the rest of the system, can only apply a single local root 
(by definition there can only be a single root). The way to get around this 
problem is to:

a) Determine what local root you wish to use (e.g., /x/y).
b) Create a directory in "/" of /x/y
c) Symlink all the directories from this directory using "root" names of 
your choosing.

Users would then specify the path less "/x/y" and would be directed to the 
appropriate filesystem via the symlink. Does this make sense? Will it work 
in your setup?


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> Hello Andy,
>>> 3) Exporting multiple directories on GPFS
>>> =========================================
>>> I have two servers (maybe only one in the future) and 3 directories to
>>> export. I would be very happy if someone had an example on how to use 
>>> mps
>>> to export these.
>> This should work in the release 20050328-0656. Simply either list the 
>> directories on the xrootd command line or list them via multiple export 
>> directives in the config file. You've already done that for "/prod" and 
>> "/store". So, what am I missing here?
> I cannot use this "20050328-0656" version so far because of the DNS 
> problem but the problem is that: I want to export
> disk1/some_path/prod
> disk1/some_path/store
> disk2/some_path/prod
> disk2/some_path/store
> disk3/some_path/prod
> disk3/some_path/store
> So far I can only export one disk using:
> oss.localroot /home/xrootd/disk/kanga/EventStore/
> xrootd.export /prod
> xrootd.export /store
> -- Gregory