Dear Colleagues,
 The Fermilab User's Executive Committee meeting will take
place June 8-9. More information, including an agenda, can
be found at:

The following talks might be of special interest to this group:

Wednesday, June 8

08:30  P5: Policy, Politics and Perspectives on Particle Physics  Patrick Looney (OSTP) 

16:15  FNAL Director's Report  Mike Witherell (FNAL) 

Thursday, June 9

12:05  News from DOE  Robin Staffin (DOE) 

14:45  News from the ILC  Barry Barish (Caltech) 

16:30  Report from the Director-Designate  Pier Oddone (LBNL/FNAL) 

(All times CDT)

The presentations will be streamed live at the following URL:

Norman Graf